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The project will build a Birdport to provide an all-in-one place for roosting, nesting and hunting for the shorebirds. The Birdport will mitigate sea level rise and enrich the coastal wetland environment. As times goes on, Birdport islands will trap sediment between the islands and existing mangrove forest, thus extending the existing mangroves and mitigating rising waters. This project is to protect, preserve and conserve the wildlife habitat and coastal wetland the environment in Australia.

Jehyun Lee (Jay)

Jehyun Lee is a QUT student, graduating from Landscape Architecture in 2020. He served 2 years of military service in Korea and became the Squad Commander/leader during his term. Jehyun is an animal and nature lover. His hobbies are photography, aquascaping, biking and travelling. He is currently taking the Remote Pilot (drone) course.