Organica: the degradable city

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The degradable city applies systems and materials with a circular life cycle within the Brisbane CBD to mitigate waste and pollution. This project is explored through three audio visual acts. Act 1: The Pillaging. An experimental, provocation piece in response to the linear model of consumption and use of resources within the built environment. Act 2: Organica – the degradable city. A material catalogue exploring a few exemplar materials that have a circular life cycle that can applied to the degradable city concept. Act 3: Organica – closing the loop. This act conveys design possibilities of the Brisbane CBD by applying systems and materials with circular life cycles.

Pasquale Heredia

Pasquale is passionate about combining his interests in ecology, conservation and sustainable design as a means of mitigating many of the environmental challenges we currently face. He believes that landscape architects have the potential to become the ecological balancers of our time for both human and non-human environments.